Middle-Aged Painters

There will be a collection and perhaps even short introductions of our valiant participants here.

Teemu (VainVader), Middle-Aged Painter, plans to paint army of Rohan. I bought Fellowship of the Ring starter box on the day it was released. We played couple of games, but then friends got into WH40K and I got sucked in. I never gave up though, painting and buying Lotr miniatures as well. There were quite a lot of bargains during the years, when people sold their armies and when stores had sales. Few years ago I met another “lurker” and we started playing every now and then. The release of Pelennor Fields restarted the hobby and now there are players. I have miniatures for pretty much for any army, but not of course enough. This challenge is a perfect reason to paint my grey Rohans.

Here’ a link to my general hobby blog (in Finnish) VainVader and here’s my Instagram account (in English) @VainVader. Feel free to follow.

Timo (tneva82). Started Lord of The Rings originally around the Return of the King boxed set. Stopped few years later due to lack of opponents and (stupidly) sold previous collection of Minas Tirith and Mordor. Restarted december 2018 and have currently Rohan, Mordor and dead of Dunharrow forces. For the tale of painters I’ll be building Moria force and alongside them also Minas Tirith, Isengard, Lothlorien, Serpent’s Horde as well as bonus warbands and build on previous ones. I’m the local madman painter 🙂

Mikael (miq16). I think I’m the newest (and probably the youngest) participator in our quest. I’m 26 years old and I have played LOTR SBG since 2006. I had A several year break of playing but with the new edition I was eager to play once again. I think I have different kind of perspective with these blog posts than my fellow painters because I try to add something about the game and tactics and that sort of things in my scripts. I have two armies which I will expand during this challenge: The last alliance and Mordor. I don’t think myself as a painter but this challenge might be fun. I’m more into sculpting, unique models that no one else have and most of all: playing the game. I apologize my skills of English but I think that my thoughts will be understood. The Board is set, pieces are moving…

Valtteri (kuqry). My approach to this project is a bit different than the rest of the guys. Starting next month I’m on a 6 month parental leave with my almost one-year old toddler. After she was born and we decided when my stint as a stay-at-home dad would be, I knew I wanted do something special concerning my miniature hobby during that time. I mostly paint and play Age of Sigmar but have been carefully eyeing MESBG for some time now. I realized that my parental leave would be the perfect period to get started with a new game and army. I mean, how much work could taking care of a toddler be? (spoiler alert: a lot)

I want to really immerse myself in Middle Earth so my other goal is to re-read the Lord of the Rings after 17 years or so. I was a teenager when I last read it and I’m curious how it’s held up!
So I’ll be posting pictures of finished minis as well as updates on how my reading’s going, along with thoughts on the books.

Okay, so onto the minis! I chose Lothlorien solely because the Galadhrim warriors just look so damn cool. Also it helps that they don’t have a ton of models, makes it easier to choose. Luckily the units are mid-to-top tier points wise (I think), so I don’t have to paint a ton of them. I’m a pretty slow painter and like to really take my time and always try to paint a little better.

Also, if you’re curious about my other hobby projects, go check out my Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kuqry/

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