[tneva82] Winter War tournament report

Well blog has quieted a lot. For me I have been busy painting non LOTR models so haven’t had much to report. However last weekend there was Talvisota(Winter War) tournament weekend with number of different games included. Of course Lord of the Rings was held as was 40k, 9th age, bolt action, flames of war, warmachine and couple other games. I managed to get Moria Dwarves painted for the event. 650 pts, 4 games. Think this was first time I would be playing 4 games in one day.

I took with me Balin, warrior with banner, 6 warriors with shields, 5 with bows, 3 khazad guard and 3 iron guard. Dwarf king with 3 warriors with shields, 3 with bows, 2 with 2 handed weapons and 1 iron guard. And another king with 4 warriors with bows, 4 with shields, 1 khazard guard. 39 models all in all for good old dwarf infantry swarm.

Ready for the tournament.

First game this is only photo I took. I ended up playing against the upcoming tournament winner(who thus now has 3 or 4 tournament wins in row in Finland. Seeing that covers 4 tournaments that’s pretty good win rate…) and his lake town/Thranduil&co alliance. I had no idea what the rules for those guys are and the elf+human combo giving numbers and F5 made short work especially as I lost both roll offs for with me so he dictated all movement(incidentally I lost all 5 roll offs during tournament making this years record 3-8 so far…). Thranduil drownded like half a dozen dwarf including banner with his automatic knock everything near him down(he can do that?) and having lost over half the army including banner and both kings with less than handful humans dead threw in towel. 0-12. Scenario was domination btw.

Couple shots from other games to showcase armies and boards(which were awesome. Crushed 40k in terms of feel and appearance.

Second game. Got to play on Moria table. Yey! Alas I didn’t get to play against Moria Goblins which would have been super thematic game. Instead Rivendell elves.

Scenario was secure&control(I think. 5 objectives each worth 2 pts that you tag and then they are yours until somebody tags it to them). He had Cirdan leading 12 elves with front rank shields and rear rank spear & bow plus fully buffed Glorfindel leading 8 infantry, 2 knights. And lone Legolas.

Initially I expected Cirdan company to engage me so I loaded up on left but it soon became apparent infantry was happy to shoot and hold back so I started to move toward the right with Glorfindel racing in. I had 3 out of 5 objectives so situation was good for me.

On right Glorfindel crashed into dwarves and started making mess. Rivendel knights made initial impact but then I managed to get priorities and charge and took out horses with quick haste. With Balin and King with their F6 I was getting rid of elves fast with the exception of Glorfindel but at one point he was going to lose big time vs many dwarves and ended up burning his might. Another loss later and he ended up burning fate to keep the horse alive(stinking elves and their cheating rules 😀 😀 😀 ) but all in all this stunted his charge a bit.

Eventually Cirdan led his force on advance at which point the thin line of dwarves started to shield with the exception of iron guard keeping my casualties low and elf advance slowed to crawl. On left there’s 2 dwarves next to objective. In center another. Those 2 I needed to keep elves away from. He was going to break first and then up to dice rolls when game ends. Keep the objectives safe until that, I win 7-5. If something happens(Glorfindel being most likely candinate to capture or contest center objective) it’s 5-5, 5-7 or 5-6.

Luckily for me game ended on first test. As I wasn’t likely going to be able to take the objective behind Glorfindel and guarded by Legolas wasn’t going to get more vp’s so good for me the game ended before Glorfindel, who even without might is formidable foe, could make mess.

Thankfully Khazad Guard having bodyguard kept Glorfindel locked down charging often with automatic courage pass. Until Balin died to charging Glorfindel. All 3 rerolls from Balin failed this game. So 7-5 win(3 objectives and broken foe vs 2 objectives and slain leader).

Third game. Adrian(who got to semi finals of big tournament in Sweden last year…I remember watching him in stream and following news on facebook group…so hardly bad player either!). He had Azog’s legion. Scenario was one where you need to be within 6″ center and maelstrom of battle deployment.

After turn 1. I “won” priority for first turn(bummer). One king and his force came to left, rest on south. Then he came and got one group behind my dwarves(crap) and Bolg&his party to their front. As seen my dwarves on left are…well screwed!

Turn 2. With doomed dwarves charged into combat hoping to kill at least SOMETHING(stupid me didn’t notice I king went against captain).

End result was all dwarves dead with nothing killed in return. Only one dwarf survived and getting priority he immediately charged Bolg to tie him up for a turn.

Meanwhile dwarf king on the other side used both might to heroic march my way to the bridge. Plan is simple. Have guys on bridge, engage orcs, try to break quickly and game end with me in win!

So plan to fruit(stupid me leaving king to bridge guard duty though…). Balin started smashing orcs with heroic combats tagging with iron guard and joining 2 combats. Was rather efficient in terms of killing orcs.

One ogre smashed into center, other was flanking toward bridge and that was worry. Should have pulled Balin to try to deal with that but was too happy smashing orcs left and right. Stupid bat kept knocking banner down. Was even better than killing because if he kills I’m a) closer to break b) another dwarf picks banner and I get rerolls. Knocked down no reroll! Bolg is finding trees and warg difficult to reach anything. He considers trying to swim to other side but mightless if he rolls 1…

Fierce combat continues. Dwarf numbers dwindle down but oh so slowly.

Bolg is there yelling “give me room! Give me room!”

Eventually Bolg decided to drop out of warg to get into fray. Note banner down AGAIN. Stupid bats. And guy can’t seem to either kill the dwarf or fail to knock him down. KILL HIM! KILL HIM! And note my stupidly placed king…

And now the bats started to bugger Balin as well. By some dumb luck I keep rolling 6’s and can get back to up for a while. Note dwarf in river after ogre threw him there. 3 times rolled 6 to keep swimming but I was oohing and aahing and not sure where to go. Dwarf lines breaking up. I came to exact 19 and was at that point not even shielding specifically trying to get kills. At that turn Bolg failed by 1 to win duel roll and opponent was debating whether to use free might(tournament rule. Once per game you can opt to use extra point of might but on 4+ you take wound). I got hopeful to get my force broken but he decided no. Drat.

Lines truly broken and while my army broke too late! I could not clear the bridge anymore. Eventually even Balin fell to ogre and at that point I threw in towel. He had max points and no way for me to prevent it with handful of heroeless models. 0-12.

Got too carried away with Balin. Should have had him ready to try to deal with ogre and Bolg without might.

Later I realized there would have been another way to try to win…When I got to bridge jump to river with ~10 guys and try to drown them and engage orcs far from bridge and try to hasten breaking and game ending. Silly narratively so glad didn’t come up and try in game but technically that would have been most likely way to win…With 10 dead from initial ambush needed 10 dead.

Game 4. One last hurah. Rohan + lothlorien alliance in scenario where we need to find relic. Tough scenario for dwarves with their stunty legs…

Picture is around turn 3 I think. King group didn’t come turn 1, rohan force turn 1 and 2. Elves ended up having to swim difficult terrain of water(he didn’t want to use might) which delayed their advance a bit. King on left tried unearthing one objective but failed. Other king led bulk of force in heroic march again. Dwarf bows caused first casualty of game: elf captain! HAH! Dwarves showed elves how the shooting is done!

Scenario rules being what they are I could not risk taking objective near the bridge. If I don’t roll 6 it’s on elf side so…let him try those and if he doesn’t try to get grind through there and get objectives once I’m close enough to fight for them.

Dwarves took position on the bridge. Had to spend bit time to organize proper models to front but my bows were doing their work so wasn’t too worried about that.

Rohan&co got first charge but hey not much I could really do to prevent it. Narrow bridge eased up my life though as did iron guard who were totally damn AWESOME! On right my small harash force got to messy end but in center narrow bridge + 3 F6 characters + iron guard(tagging 2 vs 1 elf was great). I was grinding my way through the bridge and Theoden ended up in trouble as well. F6 king + iron guard+khazard guard is tricky trio to deal with.

While combat grinding down bows kept dropping reserve rohan cavalry either by killing men or horse. Balin dealt with elf banner though took a while.

Humans and elves were outnumbered by dwarf infantry. Not a good situation to be in. Iron guard and 3 F6 kings were decisive here. Iron guard, SOLD!

Flanking force getting through but too late. He probably should have tried to get breakthrough with them first in retrospect.

I had leader dead, enemy broken, banner so was 6-0 ahead anyway. Opponent had choice. Try marker on his side. Succeed, it will be 6-6. Don’t try, 6-0 win for dwarves, try and fail, 12-0.

He tried but failed to roll 6 so dwarves took the objective and finished casualties. 12-0 win for dwarves.

Fun tournament. More of these!

December Rohan

The Three Kings

My contribution on December is a modest one, at least in quantity. Only three models, each a different version of king Theoden. There is a plastic model on foot and mounted from the Battle of Pelennor Fields box and an older metal version on foot. All of these follow the same color choices as the rest of my army, but since he is the king and has different equipment, there is some understandable variation and some liberties were taken. Nothing special, but nice additions to my growing force.

Plastic Theoden
Older, metal Theoden

The Challenge has now ended, the official round-up post will be published a bit later. Quite a lot of miniatures were painted, some games played and lots of positive hobby mood. I will continue painting my Rohan force (and other LotR miniatures) in the year 2020 as well. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to paint all of my reminding Rohan miniatures.

[tneva82] December moria

Well month wasn’t as productive LOTR wise as I hoped. I did get bunch of moria goblins done and my next project got into start but 40k Sisters of Battle took some painting time as well. Ah well. Still for this month I painted total of 23 goblins. 2 more were planned but due to slight mistake bases got ruined so they wait for new ones.

Basic gobbos. Mostly bow ones and 2 missing ones are also bow so I have too many bow models as it is even with prowlers and dweller. Need to come up with more non bow warriors…But box comes 1/3 of each…Some other solution. Convert some bows to spears or something?

Another prowler and captain with bow rounds up the month. Previously mentioned mistake also caused damage here. Likely will replace base with new one when 25mm bases arrive. Had to order some from store.

And the month’s results in one shot.

And here’s the grand total I got painted during the painting challenge of the blog minus Balrog who was about 100km away during time of taking photo(also my usual photo booth in same location which explains unusual background). All in all tad over 1000 pts there. Bit too many bow goblins so I can play 600 pts without balrog though not much options there. Still plan to add box of warriors, 2 trolls I need to paint and 2 bat swarms. Also some other characters including actual normal shaman(this one is the beast caller it seems) and since I have the beast caller guess I should get some wild wargs and spiders…

Painting challenge over but I ain’t stopping blogging here. In future I’ll keep posting my LOTR painting projects as before.

The real Elves of December

Phew, the challenge is over! My final warband for December is a Wood Elf Captain and three more Galadhrim; 2 with bows, one sword and a banner. I forgot to include the swordman in the picture but he’s in the group shot below.

Hope you’ve been nice this Christmas or these elves will have your head.

So, how did the challenge go? Pretty well I think! I painted a bunch of minis, re-reread the whole trilogy but sadly didn’t have time to re-watch the movies. I painted way less models than I anticipated but still managed to finish an actual army: 586 points of Lothlorien! If I ever get around to painting all the elves I’ve bought I’ll have a 1000 point force. Holy crap.
I think I talked about painting Guards of the Galadhrim Court and Rumil since day one and yet they still sit in unopened in their blister box. I hereby pledge to get them done by next year!

The whole gang!

As a side project I painted some Moria Goblins for Battle Companies as well: 15 warriors, a Warg Rider and I’ve nearly finished a couple of Blackshields and Prowlers. I’m planning to turn them into an actual army next year Add a few heroes, drums and a Cave Troll or two and I’m looking at around 500-600 points Moria army.

I enjoyed the books more than I thought I would’ve, especially the last one. I guess it’s a sign of getting older that I got the most out of the parts having to do with friendship, not the big battles that I remembered from my youth. Even the multiple ends after the first one (destroying the Ring) made much more sense now and got me teary-eyed.

Thanks for Teemu for organizing this challenge and I’m looking forward to taking part in something similar in the future! And hopefully I’ll finally get to play some MESBG next year! With a fully painted army of course.

[tneva82] Battle report: Bitter rivals

Last game of any game for this year. For rest of the year all I do for hobby is paint and assemble. But plenty to do! Alas my LOTR painting stalled a bit due to starting to paint Sisters of Battle. Want to get the models I need painted before I can base so I can at least play quicker with the sisters…Anyway I do have about 50 models on it’s way for LOTR as well. But now for the game. 600 pts and I took my Moria goblins. I have had 1 game before this with them in my tournament but this time I would not be bringing Balrog. But as opponent was bringing Khazad-dum list I just had to take goblins! Too bad we didn’t have terrain to match for the theme.

I had with me the king of goblins, the mithril crown goblin( groblog ), shaman and 2 captain(one with bow because wysiwyg). Shaman had 4 bow goblins, rest had 8 goblin warriors(mostly shield or spear with couple bows) and prowler with king having drums and dweller in deep as well. 48 models all in all. Opponent had Balin, Gimli and F…something. The “I negate your special rule mwahaha)” guy. We rolled for clash in the moonlight. Good for me in the shooting though +1 to wound hurts but damn. Kill heroes? Dwarf heroes are not known to be easy to kill…Goblin heroes meanwhile are quite soft. I think this is tricky scenario for me.

For troops he had banner, some warriors with plenty bows, hefty amount of rangers and quite a few khazad guard for about 31 models all told.

After deployment. Think I screwed up with dweller warband. The side with rangers is NOT where dweller should be.

Forces started to approach each other. I was hoping to lure him into center, then switch toward right toward rangers with big group and hopefully deal with them. Too bad he got same idea it seems…

The forest in the center was funneling my forces bit annoying amount. Wall was also giving him good flank guard though it would have it’s drawback. Dweller got too greedy and charged into arrowstorm getting hurt twice…Ooopsie.

I had to charge and hope to kill models to heal or retreat and eventually face round of shooting with 1 wound left. Opted to charge. He negated terror(oops) and shot 4 goblins out before killing off dweller who rolled 5 as highest. Def should have stayed behind goblins for in the way before I can charge so that I can’t be swamped like this!

Main groups clashed at the edge of the wall. I started to move group to outflank them.

Initial clash had cost me gobbo or two but then I won priority and he didn’t heroic move. I got gobbo slip into banner and fighting started earnest. Banner started to sound which proved to be invaluable. Banner combat I promptly won it killing the dwarf but alas he had had remembered to bring near the banner. On left gobbos made 2 dwarven bowmen retreat. I chased them a bit splitting more guys toward right until only 4 were after the two bowmen.

Balin was chopping gobbos slowly but surely. Goblin casualties mounting up with scary few dwarves in return.

Shaman had managed to get nearly charged by Balin so buggered off toward safety…except forgot the bowmen on the hill! Took 2 wounds and only fate(1) kept her alive. Combat was messy mess where I lost heroic movement roll offs twice in a row. In fact 3 time but after he double checked where he could he cancelled it. Well at least I didn’t waste 3rd might :-/ Still after having started LOTR again last december I have won this roll off 4 times. Serious case of is the dices really random or is there something weird going on and they have decided not to give me those roll offs 😀 Albeit can’t complain luck as I get lucky streaks elsewhere like here 100% time working mithril crown but it still feels so silly to always lose the roll off. Why waste might 😀

Groblog was having trouble killing shielding dwarf warrior(D7 is rude) but rear section joined the fray and turned tide there. On center I was suffering from distinct lack of chance to move myself due to those darn heroics going his way.

Groblog was fighting scary close to Balin. On south rangers started to head toward the drum(oops) so bow hero got a job to do. Stop them at all cost with the few gobbo’s he had nearby with him.

Then I got priority and he opted to not to use his(I think last) might point giving me chance to dictate fights better. Also as I had got priority could declare orders which is very handy to give me as many combats as possible toward trapped enemies. I declared heroic combat hoping to go and tag team couple others but noticed I had no room to do so. Settled into charging into Balin. I had lost my shaman so needed character kills for the scenario anyway.

Groblog led the attack. Kill that dwarf! Too bad he had got prowler(who has slipped out of b2b contact) with one dwarf I could not tag away. I lost combat losing a spear gobbo in the process ut Groblog survived unhurt. I think he should either go for both attacks vs him or thin the chaff with both attacks. Both of our armies reached break point this turn though. Gulp! My king managed to dent Floi(the negate ability guy) quite well taking him down to one wound with no fate. If only he had failed the 4+ fate roll with no might left…

Next turn once more unto breach and I FINALLY won a roll of for with me. That’s 4th in one year. I charged forward trapping and tagging as much as I could and surrounded the Balin but alas one ranger was still able to get to the captain. My leader rolled mere 3 for courage test which was scary but luckily verifying that I did have 2 will I could use those and the +1 courage from the drum to survive the courage test. Phew. I got all his heroes tagged so he meanwhile failed tons of courage tests(-1 from drum also helps) and suddenly dwarves were close to 25%…And in combat phase he got there so it was down to last fight. Gorbog declared heroic strike and with crown working and rolling 6 for extra fight I had fight 11 goblin! Yey! Okay capped at 10 but still how often you get to say “I’ve got fight 11, what about you?” with moria goblins 😀 Alas D8 was way too tough for me to get past though…Not even wound for fate to be saved. Victory belonged to the dwarves on margin of having killed the shaman with no dwarf hero dead. 7-4.

Final board. Distinct lack of dwarves minus the heroes but then again gobbos were about spent as well…One turn where he gets priority and tags my heroes would see tons of fleeing gobbos.

And the casualty piles for respective armies.

All in all fun game. Moria goblins seems to be about trapping the enemy giving extra fight bonus which is nice. With prowler or the mithril crown that’s F4 to equal dwarves and uruk’s. Prowler and crown and you can equal elves! But can’t take too many prowlers as one needs numbers to trap and survive while you take down them one by one…

December assignment

Finally the last chapter of our challenge is done! From my perspective. I’ve had for some time an idea to paint and play with new army. So thats exactly what I did this month. Fiefdoms is my long time favourite side in MESBG. I wanted many knights of dol amroth in my army so I had 12 now and Imrahil ofcourse. Army is not yet complete but it has the core and over 500 points worth of models. That should do for this months challenge.

[vainvader] Rohan with Allies

My post is a little bit late again, but better late than never. And miniatures were already painted last week, so technically I’m not late. So here’s more to my Rohan force.

Eomer with six riders of Rohan and handful of warriors

You might notice, that the above one is not a valid warband, there are too many archers. That is true, of course, but I just count them extras. And yes, there are no dismounted models for all of the riders, but I’m not expecting to need them either.

Gwaihir and two Giant Eagles

And here’s my bonus entry, something unlikely or special. These eagles are spot on for that. They are not the perfect ally to Rohan, not entirely impossible either. I really like how they look, using Citadel Contrast paints really work on these natural shapes. Yes, only Contrasts, no washes, no drybrushing, no highlights. I hope to have them on the battlefield at some point too, just to see how good they really are.

November Pain

Guess who has two thumbs and painted a lot of LoTR minis? Not this guy!
I only managed to finish four elves in November and I didn’t do any of the stuff that I planned last month. Oh well, I did paint a bunch of other minis though for AoS and Battletech.

But I did manage to complete the challenge for November: a warband and a “special” unit. My warband for November consists of Galadriel, two Wood Elf Warriors and a Wood Elf Sentinel, the last one being my bonus goal.

They all turned out pretty nice and I’m especially pleased with Galadriel’s white robes. Maybe I should’ve given her pupils but I really, really hate painting them.

On a plus side, now I finally have my starting warband for Battle Companies painted! Only took me like four months for six models…

On the reading side, I’m almost finished with the Two Towers and I’m enjoying it. Nice sinister and brooding tones, like the middle of trilogy should have.

Let’s see what I’ll get done for December. Smart money might bet on “not much”.

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