[tneva82] Winter War tournament report

Well blog has quieted a lot. For me I have been busy painting non LOTR models so haven’t had much to report. However last weekend there was Talvisota(Winter War) tournament weekend with number of different games included. Of course Lord of the Rings was held as was 40k, 9th age, bolt action, flames of war, […]

[tneva82] Daemon of an Ancient world

Okay officially november painting done. Tomorrow 40k tournament and on sunday yet another so no more painting this month. Did strip like 80 models of paint. Next project is about to start…Still. First up photos of the two heavy beasts of my Moria force. Dweller in deep. Bit weaker than troll but faster and ability […]

[tneva82] Black Gate opens

So. This time it’s time for some Mordor! I have had bunch painted up before but alas played with them before varnishing so took some damage and needed to finish up bases anyway. But now paint job repaired, bases done, varnished and even some reinforcements have been painted! Without further ado. Witch king on foot […]

[tneva82] Goblins, humans and elves

Busy update. Considered putting these into 3 separate posts but…ah well here we go. Finished up quite a lot of models lately. Not only goblins for this month(Balrog and Dweller need last highlights still) but also bunch of models that I had been working before as well as another batch I started only this week. […]

[tneva82] Lothlorien goes to war against…Rohan?

Well battle report for a change. Later another post showing progress on painting side as well! Got a game against the count as army of Dunlendings using Rohan rules to give some more variety. For theme no special characters and mostly on foot and with small dwarf ally force to bulk out numbers. I opted […]

[tneva82] Tournament report

Ugh long time since I have posted. Not that I have forgotten LOTR. Have played couple games but not much to report(especially as have forgotten to take pictures). Painting wise I had Adeptus Titanicus tournament taking bit of time and now have had Necrons for last round of escalation league taking time. And terrain…well it […]

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