[tneva82] October goblins

Boy oh boy it’s been a long time since I have posted any painting. And generally been slow all in all. Not that I have been totally lazing my ass off but focus has been on other stuff than LOTR models. Start of month it was Adeptus Titanicus tournament that took focus away. Then last month of local escalation league for Warhammer 40k took my painting time. And along all this terrain for the upcoming LOTR tournament I’m organizing 9.11. Well that’s soon over and looking forward to returning to getting models painted as well!

Still did get october’s warband for our painting challenge done. Though barely in time…Still better late than never? Got last job done yesterday on last day of month. Yey.

Shaman was the extra model for october. Crown bearer the warband’s leader. Bit extra fight in combat phase for gobbos and shaman to provide fury spell to keep morale up.

Then the warriors. One prowler, 3 gobbos with bows, 4 with shields, 4 with spear(one is broken though and needs replacing :-/ ). I now have 24 basic warriors and 2 prowlers for gobbos.

And all the models at once.

And here’s shot of every moria model I have completed so far! About 300 points here.

For november goal is to paint captain, 12 warriors, prowler and drum. Yeah bit over warband’s size but bear with me…For extra model…Not much choices for me! The mighty Balrog! Daemon of an ancient world!

I have actually started painting that as I need it for tournament to which I’m planning to bring these guys. Also need to finish that damn dweller in deep…Was supposed to be done on september…

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