Once again I had grand plans for my painting and once again I came woefully short of them. I spent almost half the month painting just two Galadhrim Knights. I’m not sure why they took so long, perhaps because I painted the riders and the horses separately, in the end I felt that it wasn’t actually that useful of a method.
Painiting Haldir was a joy on the other hand. The sculpt is great and the model isn’t cluttered with detail. I’m pretty pleased with end the result as well!

A massive warband.
Pew pew!

Oh, and I realised that Haldir’s bow was bent only after painting him and now I’m worried that straightening it will crack the paint…

Naturally I had to paint some goblins as well, sticking to just one army would be way to easy, right? I finished six more Goblin warriors and one converted hero riding a warg. Yes, I know there are no rules for Warg riders in the Moria army. I’m going to use him as my general in Battle Companies. But mainly I made him just because he looks pretty bad-ass!

Goblins of Autumn Twilight
The Big Bad himself!

Reading-wise I’m doing fairly okay, I’ve finished the first book and am well under way with the second one. I enjoyed reading the Fellowship a lot but it was a lot simpler than I remembered. A lot of the events go by pretty fast, for example Moria. In my memories the heroes explored Moria for quite a while but actually the whole ordeal is done pretty quickly. That said, I’m really looking forward to re-read books two and three, especially since I don’t remember them as well as the Fellowhip.

My goals for November are converting and painting Rumil, and to paint one or more Galadhrim Guard and a couple of Galadhrim Warriors and Wood Elf Warriors. We’ll see how it goes!

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