[tneva82] Tournament report

Ugh long time since I have posted. Not that I have forgotten LOTR. Have played couple games but not much to report(especially as have forgotten to take pictures). Painting wise I had Adeptus Titanicus tournament taking bit of time and now have had Necrons for last round of escalation league taking time. And terrain…well it progresses but not quite ready yet for next batch.

Anyway there was another tournament in Helsinki that had rule base largely based on rule pack I had written(which itself was amalgation of 3 different rule sets I borrowed from) so was good chance to see how it works in practice! Plus give me 3 games to play in case I don’t get to play in my own tournament where I play only if there’s odd # of players. At the moment 12 players so I’m out. Still room for 2 players if somebody is interested!

Tournament allowed both good and evil list so for good I took Rohan + Lothlorien alliance. Theoden with 6 riders and 2 royal guard, deorwine with 6 riders including banner, haldir, 5 spear+shiel elves and 3 bow elves. For evil Isengard. Captain with banner and 11 uruks(6 pikes), mauhur with 3 berserkers and 9 uruks(4 pike) and vrasku with 6 crossbows and 10 uruk(4 pikes). Yeah maxed up on warbands! 36 uruk’s and 3 heroes. You will taste manflesh! I won’t be taking break tests in a hurry.

First round organizer had sorted players for as thematic pairings as possible. Where were my uruks to face! 😀 Anyway I faced the 3 trolls from hobbit, 5 wargs and 2 warg riders. And yes…That’s pizza as terrain. Mind you dried up and cured and whatnot so not rotten etc despite this being done on spring. Seems tournament organizer and his wife are some sort of abstract artists or something…Well not really terrain piece I would use myself but I can live with it on external tournament. But too much disbelief being broken for my taste.

Anyway this game was just brutal and lost my temper a bit especially when opponent(the tournament organizer) didn’t accept surrender. Scenario was relic hunting and as it turned out he got. And here basically it became impossible for me to win short of his good graces. He can just feed the wolves to my rohans except for the one chieftain with the objective. If I kill them all then he can literally put trolls around the objective bearer and there’s no way I can possibly win. I kill troll and game ends. I don’t kill troll he just throws stones until I’m at 25%. I move out of throw range and game time outs and he wins. Only way I could possibly win is NOT kill wargs(keep at least one alive somehow) and kill 1+ trolls and then go kill the chieftain.

Yeah not happening. Especially when he killed my theoden. Found out yet another power attack(seems like they have something for every situation). Now basically superior heroic combat. No might needed, not even need to kill the original target(well you can’t even) and can charge ahead. Gee thanks.

Bleargh. I hate facing monster army with rohan. Guess I should just move away firing when I can quarantee double move doesn’t get him to me until I have rolled enough 5+ shots at S2 to kill them. Of course that strategy would have failed here due to objective. He just needs to kamikaze his wargs(hard to avoid killing them while shooting at trolls) and then I lose by default(see above).

Second game. Again tournament organizer told us which armies to play. Opponent had played evil last round and I good so we were told switch. In my tournament if both have 2 armies they are expected to do roll off. And not so that winner picks but literally random. This to ensure there’s no game advantage whatsoever possible for those with 2 lists. 2 lists is optional to give as many good vs evil as possible. Not requirement.

Anyway so I had my isengard vs last alliance…Uhhuh. I have very bad experience vs these which again leaked with pessimistic attitude at the start. Though on the flip side he didn’t have cirdan but he did have both gil galad and elendil on horses. Bunch of humans and elves on foot. Total of 4 bows. What I expected to happen is Gil galad and elendil clears the way to my camp(storm the camp scenario) with me being totally unable to stop them(hell I wouldn’t even try) so I just would try to sneak something to his camp and hopefully raze his in return and then see who breaks who for win or draw. I just had to hope the 2 big boys don’t smash my center and some random elf sneak into my camp instead…

Terrain was actually rather cool. The pathways are actually real marble plates. Pillars are some sort of marble tape(?). Got to check those out! So lots of jumping up and in the ways from the pathways. Basically I marched en mass taking flanking manouver on left. On right smaller force preparing to take on 2 heroes and small group of foot warriors(ugh).

The 2 heroes charged into my lines but some heavy use of crossbows and bit of luck and I actually managed to unhorse both heroes fairly fast. I was having no qualms about firing into combat. Not wiht gil galad and elendil!

It was here where opponent made major blunder. The two heroes legged it behind pillar and the small group of foot warriors started to heading back to camp to support the small group preparing to face my main bulk.

Huh? Well never one to look at the mouth of gift horse…

Main force advanced toward his camp but before crashing line I wanted little bow support fire so actually backed up once more while crossbows took lull from hero hunting(they were behind pillar not moving anywhere) to take position and then 2 round of fire that took out couple elves. Then I charged into combat. Was still without my banner or captain(mauhur had died to the two heroes. Stupid me from running him in front) who were running to catch up.

Initially fight wasn’t going that well but eventually my larger numbers started to show when I won priority in like 3 or 4 rounds. Alas my captain whiffed big time vs one stinking elf calling for heroic combat with 3 guys in support. Did I win? No. I used might to equal(stupid) and then failed roll off. Really? With banner support? This would have got that round nice amount of support around. Anyway I still managed to grind stuff with bit of good rolling there. At one point he made actually mistake saving his banner so it moved from hand to hand in same round ending with total of 3 models dying and 4th being far from far. Next round he had to NOT shield hoping to lose combat but survive to get any help from banner(failed). 4 guys and actually all lost combat due to -1 from banner.

Bloody combat around the camp. Berserkers with 2 attacks were fun. Didn’t feel need to use much of 2 handed weapons though. Not with F4/5 guys around!

On right Elendil finally broke cover heading toward my camp. Here operation “slow the guy down!” started and my entire crossbow section spent later half of the game firing into combat with sole goal of KILL MY OWN URUK 😀 I was literally hoping to not hit Elendil. Well until uruk in combat is dead anyway. I rolled above average actually so Elendil found all the uruk’s(think he got only 1 free heroic combat here) dying to my own arrows. Think I might have scored one wound? but as said this was 100% not concern for me. Whole point was to slow down him charging him when my priority, keep max 1 in contact and hope he dies in shooting to prevent kill+move+kill another. I would have used Vrasku’s might to ensure kill had it come down to that! But as it is I was rolling above average so uruk’s were felling by droves(fairly sure I killed more uruks than Elendil did whole game…)

Gil Galad headed back toward camp and on last round of game hit there and hit hard but I managed to slip one pike uruk into his unprotected camp(previous attempt failed when elf bow killed) and he reached 25%. I just reached broken so 7-4(my leader, the uruk captain, also fell to the gil galad).

Last round. Up against easterlings so rohan for me. Clash of champion and boy oh boy terrain was brutal for me. Very narrow sections…So I could make no flanking manouvers so pikes were 100% effective. I have never had such a good pike situation. Usually if I have 2 pikes per non pike guy I get outflanked negating pike advantage. Here? Who cares. Terrain keeps flanks safe. I can’t reach even close to all cavalry into combat, he gets easily 2 guys(so 6 attacks) and we had to start right ahead. Okay should have put somebody front of theoden come to think about it…

Anyway for first 3-4 turns I never went first on main combat. Both were using with me’s every turn and I kept failing the roll offs(no surprise). So I was up against F4 pike phalanxes with no possibility to outflank and them doing charges most of the time…Gee. That’s not a good prospect.

Should have pulled back the one turn I did get priority. Albeit he would have charged into me anyway next round…

Didn’t know his cavalry horses have D6(wtf?) so had put elves to right to take them out of they try to come. Bad idea. Should have just thrown them to main combat. F5 and small base would have been valuable.

Theoden got overpowered fast going first horseless and then lifeless. Before this Deorwine did Rohan proud though running over several easterling and their captain. But the dragon knight(he had 2) was unstoppable killing rohan’s around.

Once theoden was dead(making it literally impossible for me to win) I actually got couple charges so with Deorwine doing mess I managed to break him. Haldir led elves and were killing knights for a while but then heroic combat failed with 5 attacks(3 guys helping) and dragon knights started to make mess on them as well. LAst round I lost horrible amount of guys at once so while game ended as he got to 25% I broke on exact score turning vp gap even bigger to 11-1.

That F4 phalanx when I can’t outflank and half the cavalry has to sit behind unable to do anything was tough.

Next up: My tournament. Need to get terrain ready for it. And then there’s this months blog painting I need to do…

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