[tneva82] Minas Tirith vs Isengard

So another gaming week, another game. With all my games lately been with Isengard I wanted change of pace and as I don’t have even nearly painted evil army besides isengard(mordor is closest but most models are in process and unvarnished contrast paint chips easily. Few already are damaged so they won’t be used to play before finished and varnished. Unpainted model is easier to play with than partially painted) I opted for good side since opponent was fine either way so he would bring some of his evil forces. As it turns out board still had Isengard! Just on opposite side…I had been planning this list for a while. For 600 pts I need to have one of my 3 big heroes(need to paint more cheaper heroes and basic guys) so either Aragorn(have played plenty before), Gandalf(have played with Saruman short time ago) or Boromir(never played with armoured Boromir version. Not even on my previous stint in LOTR 10+ years ago)…Easy enough. Boromir. Also captain as only painted hero besides the big 3 and 2 of those is too much for 600 pts. Adding 6 knights, 4 guard of fountain guard(these 10 all with shields) and 16 warriors(5 with bow, 7 with shield, 4 with shield and spear) capping all but 1 warriors it was still about 70 pts short…And no cheap heroes. Well I added avenger bolt thrower though it’s unpainted.

List was done before I knew what army he would be bringing and as it turns out he brought out list rather unsuited(I think) vs my list. Lurtz, captain, 2 trolls, 6 crossbows, few berserkers, few pikes and some sword guys, banner(I’m about only guy here who doesn’t bring banner as standard…well not having one painted has something to do with it!). I outnumbered him. I had 2 good troll killer…Hmm.

We rolled for capture and control though modified it so that 1-3 is have to deploy backfield as otherwise we find everybody just comes straight at the center.

Here’s after deployiment. He had to deploy one block(with crossbows so lesser evil) to rear. I had to deploy everything to back half. Knights on left and center facing the troll. Infantry block more toward right.

Turn 1 he stayed fairly back actually. This might been mistake as my shooting is likely to be more decisive. 6 crossbows were having range and LOS issues and avenger bolt thrower was firing efficiently. Actually above average. 6 shots right away and wound into the troll.

Shot on turn 2. Boromir decided to take matters on his own and solo charged the troll that advanced forward. Rest of uruk’s mulling around. I actually blocked LOS to troll for avenger but did see one berserker who got killed with 4 shots fired. Another uruk died to well placed arrow from warrior of minas tirith. In combat Boromir boosted fight value, won and caused 2 wounds to the troll.

Turn 3 and Boromir got Lurtz, basic uruk and troll charging into him. I’m risking a bit here. One knight charged to lift the regular uruk from combat though.

Elsewhere 2 knights charged into the main line with fountain guard following and 2 foot warriors charging rightmost uruk. Troll in center was killed by another 6 shots from the bolt thrower(I’m rolling ridiculously well though this was last round from bolt thrower. Never got another target I could legally shoot). Combat there ended up less well than troll combat(dead troll) as I lost knight and 2 warriors and only 1 knight survived losing combat. Oops. If trolls weren’t dead I would get worried.

On right infantry approached objective with crossbows. Cavalry took a long way around unprotected flank.

Captain and 2 berserkers were fighting valiantly and winning combats but much like center turned out while he was winning combats more than fair enough amount his wound rolls were abysmal. So I was grinding numbers down, he was failing to capitalize on won fights. This would be getting just worse as odds of winning fights was turning toward me all the time.

Turn 4 Boromir won and wounded Lurtz. Turn 5 and last might spent finished Lurtz off. Lurtz had at least kept Boromir and his banner off from main fight. If only his wound rolls had actually been able to utilize that…

Guard of the fountain court were helping around with their F4 to help in fights. Without Boromir’s banner winning combats was hard especially with uruk banner out there.

On right knights had tried to charge but I lost 2 knights in short order to the crossbows. Not to the bows oh no! In hand to hand…Darn. Center fight had devolved into mess but higher number of Gondor ensured I was able to trap stuff and fight with more attacks which helped around. He protected banner carefully making it hard for me to get rid of it. Or get to the objective(the red dice in center. We used different coloured dice to identify who controls objective).

Uruk captain near the ruins fighting against tide of men was winning and killing. Apart from crossbows about only thing in uruk army that was killing anything!

Uruk army broke(Though didn’t take courage tests for a turn) but game continued couple turns. Knights tried to take rear objective but crossbows fought off them for a while and captured objective on right(the blue dice). Damn those crossbows were being heroes. Killing several knights and bunch of warriors IN CLOSE COMBAT. MVP of uruk’s for sure! But with Boromir in the center with his banner and by now clear outnumbering it was all over. I only missed one objective due to game ending and those crossobows…10-2.

He should have just marched the crossbows into combat! The way they rolled they would have killed Boromir no doubt…

All in all rather easy win. Perfect storm so to speak. I ended up with perfect anti list to his list(not intended. Had there been proper horde I think I would have had more problem due to being outnumbered). He also did understandable mistake of putting trolls into front. Having played with and against trolls often I have never seen shooting to really worry them so not surprised he didn’t think about protecting that possibility. And Boromir is one of the few models that Gondor have that don’t mind head on duel with one. Screening both with basic guys and trying to keep Boromir in combat with lone guys rather than troll would probably have been better. Also heroic strike from lurtz might have been good idea though not quaranteed.

Also him mulling around rather than getting into combat fast giving me at least extra round of shooting might have been bit of problem. Faster into combat with couple uruks in front for in the way rolls would have made it harder to take troll with shooting(and screen would make harder for Boromir to kill one as well).

Add to this his abysmal to wound rolls and combats became rather one sided real fast.

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