[tneva82] Isengard vs Last alliance

So first battle report. I’ll be organizing tournament in November and in preparation for that I wanted to check that 600 points in 2 hours is possible. Opponent meanwhile wanted to try out list he is planning to take to the tournament so we had agreed for 600 pts game. For scenario we agreed domination which is one of the three scenarios tournament will have.

I took Isengard as it’s the evil army I have most models painted so far. Saruman leading 4 pike uruk and 8 shield uruk(after last game I realized 2 pikes per 1 shield is not THAT useful. Once combat started pikes got flanked so all they did was screwing make ways if I lost combat…So I figured some extra guys to cover flanks could be handy), uruk captain leading 3 more shield warriors and 3 berserkers and Vrasku leading 8 crossbow uruks.

Opponent had Elendil, Cirdan and high elf captain leading maybe 10 or so pair of numeronian sword+shield guys with elf spearmen, numenor banner bearer and some high elf archers. All in all 26 models vs my 29…

The forces deployed at war. He came rather close right away. I might have deployed bit too close…Alas I forgot at first to take photos. Anyway turn 1 he rushed in forward exposing himself to charges but apart from dead numeronian on left my wound rolls were abysmal so despite winning pretty much every combat casualties were low. Blinding light from Cirdan kept shooting casualties low as well. Turn 2 I tried to cause some more damage and tried to immobilize the Elendil only to learn TWO free rolls for resistance…Yikes! Was not a good idea after all. Beating my paltry 5 wasn’t hard with 3 dice. Shooting Saruman had to spend 2 fates vs arrows but I got wound to the elf captain at the cost of killing uruk he and another elf were fighting. I think that’s fair deal as uruk had high chance of dying anyway.

From here the tide turned against Isengard. Elendil proved to be an absolute monster. I tried to tag him with 3 uruk’s to prevent free heroic combat funny stuff but having been boosted by enchanted blades he promptly killed them all and me being careless charged straight into Saruman! I survived with 2 wounds left but…Elsewhere the numenorian/elf tag teams were proving to be quite a formidable and despite banner literally being useless(not single time it actually helped during game. Either he won without needing reroll or despite reroll I won) uruk’s started to die.

Turn 4 I used Palantir to save my Saruman from Elendil. Nearby captain used might for with me though but Saruman countered. And very unusually I won the roll off(think this was 3rd time I won with me roll off since I restarted hobby in december…) so Saruman moved to get position to sorcerous blast numenorian into banner bearer killing the first but not the banner. However I had forgotten captain so while I was blocking Elendil I ran close to it…remembered with one uruk left to move and it failed the terror test(damn Cirdan!)…Oops. This proved to be death of Saruman.

With this tide had turned down. Archers even were jumping down(2 rather unsuccesfully) to give bodies to the fight. Uruk lines were broken and soon it was irrelevant who had priority as I was being outnumbered. Crossbows meanwhile were scoring hits but clearly had forgotten to take steel arrows as I wasn’t rolling higher than 3 for to wound…drat.

Berserkers were leading last attempt to turn the tide but the infernal fight 5 from elves ensured I lost everywhere.

These guys had nice position even being able to shoot into spear elves without in the way but CAN’T YOU DAMN GUYS KILL ANYTHING?-) Vrasku had by now abandoned his crossbow and prepared to fight for the objective with blade instead.

Elendil continued carving bloody path through uruk’s(that free heroic combat was rather nasty). Without even numbers now I could do nothing. And even when I was rolling good for fight he was equaling and with elves in combat…

By now it was mobibng up phase. With 25% for uruk’s approaching fast I abandoned kill attempts and headed for objectives hoping to deny 2 points from a few instead.

3 crossbow uruk’s had to get at least one survive. As it is they did just that and killed that captain for added insult. Yey.

3 more uruk’s headed into another objective. Elven reinforcements were coming but these too ensured just 1 vp for him.

Finally my captain, after only doing kill or two all game, raced toward third objective with pursuers hot on heel. I was about to get tagged too far from objective…

…but with heroic move(he had yet to have spent any might) he got to the objective and survived there even killing one bowelf.

With the objectives held I lost only 0-8…In tournament terms 19-1 for the Last Alliance. One vp for me(say wound to Elendil) and just 17-3 in tournament points.

Ouch. That was brutal. I’m somewhat stumped how to deal with the last alliance list. The combination of numeronian and elves are brutal. Individually they aren’t that bad but combined it’s best of both worlds creating basically F5 S4 guys that averages same point cost for 1 men and 1 elf as 2 uruks are…2 attacks for both, they have higher F, they have S4 attack that ignores my D6…As it is I would be better off with rohan warriors if they could have spears! Oh and Cirdan provides them with terror for added fun. My poor C3 uruks struggle to charge.

Need to think up counter plans. Clearly straight up fight is not going to work out!

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